Unable to use rc override MAVROS

I am working on an application where an onboard system can take control of the yaw from the drone and the pilot has control of the other parameters (roll and pitch).

Reading the documentation I found RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE ( #70 ) I am subscribing to this topic via MAVROS and I can send values to the drone as long as the RC receiver is not connected. When I turn on the drone with the receiver connected I cannot send any messages to the RC channels nither I get the info message of [INFO] [1679902551.664056029]: RC_CHANNELS message detected! like the FC is always prioritizing the receiver input which doesn’t allows me to send new messages

Can someone help with this error?

MAVROS version and platform

Mavros: 1.14.13
ROS: Melodic
Ubuntu: 18.04

Autopilot type and version