Ublox F9P module GPS data not seen in Mission Planner

Can Anyone help?

Running ArduCopter configuration on Cube Orange flight controller.
I know the Here3+ CAN GPS works - thats tested working, But now I am looking at using an F9P module (in this case initially the Holybro H-RTK module, but also other F9P varients. I know that the F9P module works on both the USB and the UART. (Have checked this in U-Centre). But when connecting the module to the GPS ports (Either one), I get no data.

I am thinking its a com port issue, where the comport isnt benig intialised correctly…

Now I have seen something about the Serial port configuration being different depending on which PIXhawk your using, so I see the com ports as below?

How does this relate to the com ports in mission planner? Because how I see this, GPS2 is actually on USART 8 (= Which I assume is the STM32 USART numbering), /dev/ttyS5 is then the misson planner/firmware naming?

I have the UARTs in mission planner setup to the same baudrate as being outputted from the GPS module., I have tried swapping the TX/RX pins around, and I am pretty sure that I dont need to do an invert pin (or is this the missing bit)?

So Basically am I looking down the right path?

Or have I missed something blindingly obvious…

The project I am working on is basically to test the accuracy of the Antennas that the company I work for designs, against the competitors, but in a working environment.


If you’re using MissionPlanner, you’re likely using ArduPilot and not PX4. This forum is for PX4, so you might want to ask in discuss.ardupilot.org instead.