UAVCAN maximum RPM value


As I can tell px4 sends to UAVCAN ESC something like esc.RawCommand which I believe is translated to desired RPM. At least sending esc.RawCommand = 5000 (using Babel adapter) gives ~5000 RPM readings on my setup.

So px4 somehow should know what is the maximum RPM for particular motor in order to properly scale its output commands. Where this parameter is defined?

I see in mixers there are only dimensionless scale values (-1 … +1) translated to integer number (-10000 … 10000).

Thanks in advance!

Well according to Orel 20 UAVCAN ESC software reference manual 2.2.8 RawCommand is just a voltage control mode set point in range 0% - 100%. So its possibly just happened
by occasion that it equals actual RPM in my case.

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Finally UAVCAN specs clarified all questions. This variable is supposed to change in range [-8192, 8191].

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