Tutorial: Build Autonomous Drone - Vision-Based Auto-Landing

I have been working on a series of tutorials on how to build an autonomous drone. This time I am giving an example of using QR Code to visually guide drones to land.

If this is your first time attempting this tutorial, please start from the very beginning so you have all the right dependencies.
Download the framework at this GitHub repo
Episode 1: OFFBOARD mode and Gazebo simulation
Episode 2: Build a 3D Model with Your Drone
Episode 3: Using SLAM In GPS Denied Environment For Position Estimation
Episode 4: Depth Estimation, Octomap and Path Planning

Everything I used is based on this GitHub project GAAS, which I built from scratch. I meant to provide an open source framework for autonomous drone development. Give me a star on GitHub if you find this helpful :slight_smile:


@ninawrong I wanted to follow up on your research on this topic, but your first link is broken. Do you have any current links to the information?