How to Build Autonomous Drones with Depth Estimation, Octomap and Path Planning?

I have been posting a series of tutorials on how to build an autonomous drone using GAAS open source software.

This time I am writing about how to enable your drone to fly in an unknown environment from point A to point B, with the help of a pair of stereo camera only, in Gazebo simulator. This tutorial includes realization of:

  1. Obstacle distance estimation with Stereo Camera;
  2. Octomap as a way to represent the environment;
  3. A* path finding in 3D space;
  4. Simple path pruning;

Link to the tutorial repo:

Note: If this is your first time attempting this tutorial series, please start from the very beginning so you have all the right dependencies. Here is a full list of the series:

Would appreciate any feedback on the tutorial and GAAS :slight_smile: