Trimble GPS setup

I am trying to hook up a trimble RTK DGPS system based on the BX940 (not the MB-two).
Its COM outputs are TTL (which I plan to level shift from 5v to 3.3v).
The output setting on this unit are numerous.
I am going to force a 1158N1 Baud and but cannot decide the output format for the GPS.
Documentation says that it communicates via UBlox, MTK Ashtech or Emlid protocols. None of these are readily available. Instead I see GSOF, NMEA, REPEAT-RTCM, etc as the possible I/O settings. Any hint on how to set this up?

I have a BX992 that I plan to set up. I am curious to see the input others are able to provide. With no efforts or research made on my part at this point, I am assuming that configuring the NMEA I/O correctly is going to provide the desired output but this is only speculative. I will provide additional feedback if I get time to set mine up soon.