Transfer Ardupilot parameters to PX4

Hi everyone
I am currently updating a drone with a new autopilot. The old Pixhawk (very old) runs on Ardupilot and for academic purposes I need to run the new autopilot on PX4.
The Ardupilot configuration was very precise in flight and therefore I want to reproduce it as closely as possible in PX4.

Is there a way to automatically transfer the parameters from Ardupilot to PX4?
If not, does anyone have a list of key parameters that I need to transfer to have a similar behaviour as in Ardupilot?
What I’m searching for primarily is to speed up things and not having to do the whole PX4 configuration from scratch or having to copy parameters one-by-one.

If I remember correctly I once saw such a list of key parameters to have a ready-to-fly solution but obviously I can’t find it anymore…

Thanks in advance for any help!

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t any porting guides, I’m not sure what you want to tune but PX4 has a different implementation and architecture from APM, most of the parameters are going to be hard to match 1:1 to corresponding PX4 parameters, my advice would be to just try PX4, if theres something you don’t like or would want to change and don’t know how, show us some logs and we can help you with any questions.