PX4 Autotune

I’m in the process of transitioning a drone from APM to PX4 and was wondering if it is possible to still use Mission Planner’s auto tuned PID values on the new flight stack - can I just copy the params over? Or is it possible to use MP’s auto tuner with a PX4 drone?

I am switching over from APM to PX4; also interested in this. My default assumption is that the values aren’t ‘compatible’. Can any experts chime in?

Non of the params are named the same, some are slightly different, and some don’t map. If you take the time to figure out which can be transferred and how they map please document it so others may benefit. It’s probably faster to retune manually if you’re only doing it once though.

I know this is an old discussion but I think the answer is here: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/SetupView/Tuning.html

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Only for copters !
Is there something similar for fixed wing ?

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I run Pixracers on several foam flying wings of different sizes, and haven’t ever had to do anything involving PIDs beyond tweaking the sliders in QGC.

I’ve tweaked a LOT of PIDs with PX4 on quads, though, and it can be maddening.