TFmini as only source for Altitude

I am trying to use TFLidar with pixhawk fmu 5 to be as the source for altitude, I removed all usage of altitude from the gps and stopped the barometer. The quadcopter does not also stabilize for altitude and oscillates after a while. I do not see the were is the issue. I tested the distance sensor, position NED local and seems it is good but when flying it seems that something happen (seems still fuse someting, I suspect the GPS). The sensor reads the oscillation but why I do not know. Please help, this is the log

Also (without GPS connected) when I test the distance_sensor, it is ok, while from NED z sometimes it is ok and sometimes it keeps continue increasing for about 2-3 seconds while the sensor is not moving then it acts it remembers that it is not moving and getting back again to the correct z value