Testing servos and mapping joystick in QGC

I have a tilt-rotor servos and elevon servos. How can I test the servos, whether by switch or analog input?
I am using a joystick instead of RC transmitter and have this working fine via software.
Also, does assigning channels work with the joystick? For example, if I map RC_MAP_TRANS_SW to Channel 4, will that correspond to a joystick button? I ask because it shows Button Actions in Joystick category instead of saying Channel.

There’s not currently a good way to do this, but we could add VTOL transition as one of the assignable joystick button commands.

If I assign the transition to Channel 4, would that be the same as Button 4?

No, RC channels and gamepad buttons are separate. I’ll take a look at adding a transition command in the QGC gamepad button setup.

hello, are there any updates on this?