Terrain Following in Missions Question

Hello All,

I am trying to get some clarification on one of the notes in the PX4 guide for terrain following. We are looking at flying autonomous missions but wanted to use terrain following during the mission. The note states

" PX4 does not “natively” support terrain following in missions. QGroundControl can be used to define missions that approximately follow terrain (this just sets waypoint altitudes based on height above terrain, where terrain height at waypoints is obtained from a map database)."

I wasnt sure if that means it is not possible to use terrain following at all during a mission or just that we would have to write code to handle the terrain following? It seems like terrain following exists in position and altitude modes, but not sure why mission wouldnt be able to leverage the same? We do not have the option to always have terrain data from a map database and need to rely solely on sensor data for altitude.


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