Temperature sensor integration with pixhawk and px4

Hi Guys,

I need to integrate a temperature sensor with PX4 and send its data to QGC.

What is the best possible way to achieve this?

Which temperature sensor and how do you want to integrate it with QGC? Unless temperature from one of the existing sensors is sufficient (onboard or airspeed) you’ll need to find a sensor (like https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13314) and write a simple driver.

Hi, I do have an airspeed sensor but I want to use it with multicopter. Will it be feasible? As per my understanding, airpeed sensors work with Fixed wing by default.

You might need to manually start the driver, but yes it will work. The data will be logged (and available in QGC), but the multicopter controllers won’t actually use airspeed.