Sysid of connected system

I’m trying to connect to multiple drones from a single application. Each drone has a different sysid. I was hoping I could identify the drones by sysid from the code, but I don’t see a method in System to get the sysid of a drone, and DronecodeSDK only supports accessing each drone by UUID with DronecodeSDK::system(uint64_t uuid);

Is there a reason why sysid is hidden even though it is known internally?

Would adding one of these methods be acceptable?
System& DronecodeSDK::systemBySysid(uint8_t sysid);
uint8_t System::get_sysid() const;


Good question. Yes that’s probably something that would make sense.

I actually wanted to change that API a bit anyway and I started the work in a pull request.
Feel free to comment, thanks.

Thanks! I left a comment in the pull request

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