SYS_AUTOSTART 13030 Won't Save

I installed the latest v1.11.3 via QGC v4.1.2 in a Pixhawk 1 with updated bootloader so the Firmware Upgrade installs px4fmu-v3_default.px4. After the reboot, it doesn’t show it saved it so the Airframe tab in QGC is Red and it won’t let it go any further. But Generic Quadplane VTOL Tiltrotor doesn’t show as an option.

@dagar @hamishwillee @bresch Any guidance is appreciated. Thx.


This just came up but if I reboot, it goes back to asking Airframe setup. Is this normal? In other words, every time I connect it QGC, I have to change SYS_AUTOSTART then continue from there?

Thanks, in advance.

Did you restart QGC after connecting to the vehicle the for the first time?

Yes, it doesn’t make any difference. It Airframe always comes back red and would have to manually enter 13030 again in params.

@dagar @bresch @sfuhrer Team, any ideas or is this a know issue? Who maintains 13030?


Bro i have a problem like you. I have a pixhawk as you. It is my error. Also each start of program i see this parameter is red. Maybe it isnt normal. Also can you see my problem? "calibration failed: reading sensor" I get this error

I don’t think 13030 is already part of v1.11, it was only added recently. ROMFS: add new VTOL config and mixer (generic quadplane tiltrotor VTOL) by sfuhrer · Pull Request #17204 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub