Supported LIDAR? Recommendations?

Which LIDAR are currently supported by PX4? I have seen that on the Website there is the some Documentation on LIDAR Lite v1 or LightWare SF02/F … Currently there is LIDAR Lite v3 newly released from Garmin and LightWare has a full range of other LIDARs as well.
I tend to the Lidar Lite v3 which comes at a reasonable Price of about 149.- U$. Is it possible to integrate it with I2C or any other means and is it yet supported? I would prefer to have at least 50m LIDAR Support but the price is very nice.

It works in PWM mode well. Trying to get worked in I2C though

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Lightware has released a new LIDAR which comes in at 1/3 of the Weight of the SF11/C and features smaller dimensions, less powerfull Beam but same Range and using glass optics instead of plastic.

Anybody knows more about this LIDAR / PX4 compatibility? Disadvantages because of weaker Laser Beam?