Suggestion for Improvements

Hey Everyone
first, congratulations to your recent efforts! That’s really fantastic. !!

I’d like to suggest some improvements as regards better/easier user experience. If you don’t mind I would use that thread for such suggestions also in future.

Everything are of course just my 2 cents, whatever they are worth :slight_smile:

I’m on Windows, currently with QGC v9.2.4.

  1. PLEASE PLEASE, provide a simple download link … you don’t want to scare away newcomers in the first step.
    so, I suggest
    when hitting download on the site, stay on and don’t direct the user to another, at first obscure, page, on which she/he is directed further to yet another page to download the installer
    => provide the stable installers on the very first download page

on this page please make it visually easy to see what one has to do
i.e. if the stable releases are recommended provide a clear and easy and quick to identify section with the installers, everything else should come below and well separated

Ideally you would check google entry pages (e.g. google px4), and ensure that it directs users to something “expected”.

  1. Tools Menu in QGC
    It actually took me a while to understand the behavior when clicking on the symbols, for a while I found the behavior obscure and thought its buggy (I admit, I’m a stupid Windows users ;)).
    The “problem” is that the Tools button (this Android like three lines thing) behaves differently from the others, which I would not have expected considering its arranged together with them. Even more, and this I actually don’t like, when you are in the tools page, and hit one of the other tools menu icons, when you get back where you had been before, but NOT to the new menu if didn’t happen to be the same you were before. In that case one has to click twice.
    so, I suggest
    at least ensure that when one is in the tools menu, that always only one click is needed to get out to the wanted page
    ideally you could indicate different behavior by e.g. a different arrangement, or whatever other visual means (I have no good idea)

  2. In QGC provide “obvious” means to get back
    On several places it’s like that one first gets an option to choose something, and when makes a choice, but it’s unclear how to go a step back. Maybe (probably :D) I just fail to see the intended way, but this just is the point. E.g.: Tools page -> Offline-> maps -> add new set … no idea how to get back one step (in one click)

  3. Upgrading QGC
    I find the current upgrading a bit too complicated.
    I would suggest that the installer at least detects a previous install and uninstalls it.
    I would also suggest that in the driver setup pages, when one hits cancel where should no further “Finish” page come up. All these pages popping up and flying around … that’s a bit confusing.
    Ideally, one could search for new versions from withing QGC and start the update process from there.

  4. HUD
    I VERY much like the possibility to adjust the shown values. However, I would suggest that already by default some few standard values are shown.

Cheers, Olli

sorry, have forgotten

  1. Px4 Discuss
    as for QGC, please allow users to easily get back in an intended way (not only browser back). The Px4-autopilot logo does it but is confusing as one rather would expect it to lead back to the px4-autopilot pages.

I find the logo use unfortunate. PX4 currently uses many different sites and logos (OK and unavoidable), so I think it would be good to use the logos to help to orient. The Px4-autopilot logo is used for a main entrance set of web pages (ok), which allows you to go to what is logoed with Px4-autopilot-pro (good). On this set of pages every page is logoed with Px4-autopilot-pro (good), EXCEPT the Discuss forum! (never mind the dev guide, that’s not users)

Suggestion: Use also for Discuss the PX4-autopilot-pro logo, and clicking it should bring one back to the Px4-autopilot-pro entry page, exactly as it is for the user wiki. In addition I would actually add some title to indicate that this is the Px4-autopilot-pro discuss (e.g. the Px4-autopilot-pro followed by “User Forum”). Furthermore, I would add some link which allows one to go to the discuss top page (e.g. a home icon next to the tools menu icon).


Thanks for taking the time to write up detailed and useful feedback! We’ll certainly try to implement as much of that as we can.