STM32F7 Board without sdcard

Hello, I have a board On which the chip is stm32f765. I have successfully ported the px4 code on it working. but main issue is when i click on any the configuration it doesn’t save. They i realize that px4 require sdcard to store the configurations. Now i don’t have sdcard. and i don’t want to log anything.

What i tried so far is setting FCONFIG and FEXTRAS to /etc/config.txt and /etc/extras.txt respectively. also disabled set LOG_FILE /dev/null in rcS but nothing is working.

Can you please guide me how can I do internal flash for configuration and yes i don’t want to log anything at all just configuration so i can fly it easily.

It’s possible but without logs you may never get it tuned and if there is a problem with flight you will have no idea why.
I would never consider not having logs.

Yes it’s bad idea but in current circumstances I can’t have sdcard on the board. I just need couple of flights without logs just configuration in internal flash please help!!!