Logging external mavlink message on sd card


I am trying to log external messages coming into the PX4, like external battery status. It is being received and shown on QGround Control but the problem comes when I try to log it into the sd card.

I had tried to create the custom logging through the text file on the sd card and it loads it but it is not loading the messages that are coming through an external mavlink serial port.

All my messages are messages already existing in the firmware of px4.

I tried looking into the shell and the uorb topics are shown as ‘never published’ but actually shown in the mavlink inspector of QG.

As I see it the mavlink messages coming through are showing as received but not published as uOrb topics so they cannot be logged.

Do you have any suggestion on what I could be doing wrong?

There are a set of default topics logged, and this can be configured “a bit” using the SDLOG_PROFILE param.

But most likely you will need to specify any topics that are not logged in your SD Card configuration - see Logging | PX4 User Guide

Thank you for your fast reply.

I have tried the sd card configuration but unfortunately is not working. It is configured to log the topics but for example it is only logging the battery status reads from the adc , but not the battery status that is received as a mavlink message from a serial port in the px4. As further information I have set the sd card configuration to log all instances of the battery status.

Is there something else I can try ?