Skywalker X8 Solar Plane

I’m planning to use Solar Panel on my Skywalker X8 wing.

I’m a beginner in this. I read some articles regarding Solar Panels to increase the flight time.

Can anybody suggest me exact panel or anything?

I’m using custom made 4S7P lithium ion battery and I have TP 4056 with me.

The battery is 21000mAh and I wish to charge it with 1A current.

What I’m looking is that a Power module that can charge and discharge LI-Ion or Li-Po batteries at same time. (Just like our Smartphones)

Also a set of flexible light weight solar panels for this application.


I highly doubt 1amp/hour of charge would make any noticeable difference to your flight times.

How many amps does your model draw when cruising?

Then you need to account for the extra weight of panels, inverter plus the drag. All of which will increase your cruise amps.

I would suggest you look for a much lighter and more efficient model…

Good luck!


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I’ll try to increase the current. Need to select efficient solar panel for this.

I got almost 2 hours flight time with this current setup and I think almost 80% is used.

Yeah, I think so. I’m planning for light weight flexible solar panels.
Do you have any idea about the inverter which I can use?