SITL parameters for a DJI


With Gazebo, I’m trying to setup a representative SITL simulation of my configuration : DJI F550 Frame, 2312E engines, ESC 420Lite, default propellers.

I don’t mind to have a clumsy visual model but I would like to have some precise value for the physical models.

I could measure/compute some :

  • total mass : 1.6kg
  • maxRotVelocity (with a 4S) : 9780.9rpm
  • motorConstant : 1.6377e-05

I infered, but would need confirmation for thoses :

  • Ixx : 0.028
  • Iyy : 0.029
  • Izz : 0.54

I was looking for values for others, like : momentConstant, timeConstantUp, timeConstantDown

Has anyone already seen, computed or measured such parameters ?