Simulation of iris model with depth camera in Gazebo without GPS

Hi everyone! :blush:
I have a question regarding SITL in Gazebo without using GPS. I managed to run the iris_optical_flow model with no problem using these steps:

  1. Find iris model in /Path to PX4-Autopilot/Tools/simulation/gazebo-classic/sitl_gazebo-classic/models/ folder.
  2. Open iris.sdf with VS Code.
  3. Comment out these lines of code:
      <pose>0.05 0 0.04 0 0 0</pose>
    <joint name='gps0_joint' type='fixed'>
  1. Comment out this code line in PX4-Autopilot/src/modules/simulation/simulator_mavlink/SimulatorMavlink.cpp file

After this I tried running iris_depth_camera drone the same way and with all of the additional steps needed to add this model to be able to run with make command but I get this error:

WARN  [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: ekf2 missing data
pxh> [Wrn] [] Warning: Deleting a connection right after creation. Make sure to save the ConnectionPtr from a Connect call
pxh> commander takeoff
pxh> INFO  [tone_alarm] notify negative

I guess I have to configure some parameters on which pre-flight checks depend. I am doing this because I am trying to fly a drone using only IMU, Barometer, Magnetometer and Time of Flight camera.

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile: