Simulation in Hardware Flight Controller Requirements Questions

I would like to use simulation in hardware testing.
“The SIH is compatible with all Pixhawk-series boards except those based on FMUv2. It is available on the PX4-Autopilot master branch and release versions v1.9.0 and above.”
–excerpted from the PX4 documentation here:

My questions:

  1. Has anyone used the Seriously Pro SP Racing EXTREME H7 (PX4 version) with SIH? Is it recognized as FMUv6 in QGroundControl?

  2. I tried to set up a Holybro Kakute F7 for SIH but it was flagged as FMUv2. Is this because it really is FMUv2? Is it flagged as FMUv2 because it really only has 1MB of flash memory?

  3. Can any other flight simulators besides jMAVSIM be used with SIH? I am using AirSim with HITL and would like to be able to use AirSim with SIH.
    Thanks in advance.

I found that the FMUv2 question is related to 1MB flash as described in this link:
Here’s another link of some relevance:
It’s discussed here with a possible solution for FMUv2 multi rotors at the end of the thread.

I was able to use the solution referenced above to successfully fly a Holybro Kakute F7 in jMAVSim in simulation in hardware (SIH) mode using this command on a Mac:
./Tools/ -q -d /dev/tty.usbmodem01 -b 921600 -r 250 -o
I created the kakute f7 px4 file using a .cmake file where I included the module “sih”. It was not necessary to remove the two fixed wing modules noted in the discussion because they were not present in the default kakute f7 .cmake file. I then custom loaded it via QGroundControl.

I haven’t found anything to indicate that SIH is available with gazebo or AirSim. But a discussion thread indicated that at one point it may have been used with FlightGear.
I’m not going to be using the SP EXTREME H7, so no worries there.