SF000 Rangefinder not being read

Hi there,
I have Lightware’s latest offering, the SF000 rangefinder, and I’m having trouble getting it to work. I have confirmed that the unit works with ardupilot and through the Lightware studio. I have configured the serial port on QGroundControl but don’t see any data coming in. Could this possibly be because the SENS_EN_SF1xx parameter options don’t list the SF000? Does anyone know exactly what this parameter does? Does it load a specific driver from the firmware? If thats the case will I have to try and find the SF000 driver and add it to the FW to make this work? Thanks!

The issue was resolved awhile ago. In order to make the SF000 work with PX4, I2C must be used (serial is not yet supported), and pins 2 and 4 (data lines for I2C) must be shorted together. Hope this helps anyone trying to use this sensor.