Sending Roll, Pitch, Yaw rate, Thrust setpoints through mavlink

Hi everyone,
I’m looking at controlling a multicopter from an onboard computer in a style similar to Manual/Stabilized mode. (i.e Roll and Pitch angles, Yaw rate, Thrust).
I’ve looked at using the SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET mavlink message, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to ignore the yaw angle supplied by the quaternion.
I’ve tried sending a message similar to the message defined in the MAVROS yawrate test.

i.e to yaw continuously while level:
ROLL = 0
YAW = 0
YAW_RATE = 0.5
TYPE_MASK = 3 (Ignore roll rate and pitch rate)
THRUST = 0.6

This results in the vehicle turning to face north (YAW = 0).

Is there a way to get the attitude controller to ignore the yaw angle component if the yaw rate component is supplied or will I have to constantly update the yaw angle to lead the current yaw?


The short answer is yes, you will have to lead the current yaw. You could fiddle around with the attitude controller code to add the option to turn off the yaw setpoint… but that seems like more work than just leading the current yaw value.