Sending debug messages over MAVLINK


Does anyone know how to send debug_value messages from PX4 to Groundstation via MAVLINK over serial?

I can receive messages using the sample application provided but the sent messages are not received in Groundstation.

I’m using mavlink_msg_debug_send API for sending messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @mani

See here:

@bkueng Thanks!

I believe that the link only mentions how to send/receive messages within PX4 through uORB. My question was, how to send/receive from Groundstation to PX4 using debug topic.


You’re right, my bad. Which Groundstation are you talking about? In QGC you should be able to see them when you open the Analyze Widget.


I have been using this application for sending/receiving data from PX4. With this application I can send messages to PX4 but not receiving any!

Here PX4 is running in a separate board connected to Linux machine using UART.


I’ve never used it, so I don’t know. Did you check that the physical connection is working both ways? Did you try with another application, like QGC?


I’m sure that the physical connection is working fine. How can I view the sent messages in QGC? I cannot see anything in log in Analyze widget.



I can’t see any messages in QGC->Analyze->Log Download. Do we need to enable/configure anything in mavlink for sending messages from PX4?

As discussed, it’s under the Widgets dropdown menu, then open ‘MAVLink inspector’