Decoding PX4 Debug messages with pyMavlink


I am using DEBUG messages of PX4 specifically NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT (Sending Debug Values · PX4 Developer Guide). I am using trying to decode the same with pyMavlink ( and I could not succeed!

The scripts always waits in mav.recv_match(type=‘NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT’, blocking= True). Additionally, I could not see this particular message by printing all the Mavlink messages received from PX4 as well. However, I could see the print statement in the PX4 console, which states that the message is sent!

Any help on this is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

I have explored a bit more and find that the Mavlink message is not being sent by the PX4. I followed the tutorial and still could not manage to make the app working! Can you please help me if I am missing something??

Sorry, it was my mistake! Make sure to configure corresponding stream on