not updated yet? I downloaded from
seems not working properly with the latest ulog version.
I flew a plane with px4 version 1.6.2 and it gives some .ulog files.
When I try to convert these files to cvs, it simply not working as below.

$ python log_20_2017-6-11-17-40-28.ulg > testLog.csv
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 343, in
File “”, line 340, in _main
File “”, line 139, in process
raise Exception(“Invalid header at %i (0x%X): %02X %02X, must be %02X %02X” % (bytes_read + self.__ptr, bytes_read + self.__ptr, head1, head2, self.MSG_HEAD1, self.MSG_HEAD2))
Exception: Invalid header at 0 (0x0): 55 4C, must be A3 95

The header format is completely different and not working anymore.
Any suggestions?

Kiu is intended for the sdlog file format (i.e. the old logger).
ulog is the new logging system as described here The pyulog tools are useful for analyzing such logs.

Thanks, now it works.
I noticed the ulog2csv generates csv files per 28 different topics.