Run on Raspberry pi 3 without Navio2

Is it possible to run px4 on rpi without navio2 hardware?
Where can I find some documentation about that?

@DanieleVeri px4 will run, but without hardware sensors it will be useless. Navio2 is essentially a hat for Pi with necessary sensors + LED + PWM, etc. What were you looking to achieve?

Hello @adzio, thank you for the answer.
I build a quadcopter from scratch, with the ESCs for the motors and an IMU MPU-9250 and i would like to run the firmware on a raspberry without buying the Navio2 shield(because it is very expensive).
Do you think that it is possible? I’m looking the px4 code for the config file for the GPIO but it seems to me that it is conceived only to interface the RPI with Navio2 and not directly with the sensors and ESCs.