Rudder assisted weathervane

Dear all, @JulianOes, @bresch, @sfuhrer, @rroche, @mohammad

I noticed that, rudder is not controlled in multi-rotor mode. I think it would be useful to drive rudder to unload VTOL motors during yawing especially in windy days when weathervane is activated.

How can I command rudder deflections by the yaw rate command which is generated by weathervane function?


VTOL: control surface support in hover: add scaling parameters by sfuhrer · Pull Request #14894 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub this old PR added the rudder to be enabled in MC. It though also had some extra scale parameters that I don’t think are necessary.

It would only need that part actually: image
The scale params I would remove and have them fixed at 1.
You want to experiment with it and make a PR?

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