RTK BaseStation not recognised in QGC

I’m using SimpleRTK2BLITE as base station unit and i have connected this with mission planner for setting base station survey by using RTK inject options. It works pretty well. I want to repeat the same step with QGC so i followed PX4 user guide RTK GPS | PX4 User Guide (main) for setting up base station with QGC. When i connected SimpleRTK2BLITE to QGC running laptop through USB, the QGC is not updating anything on screen. Even i tried gps status on mavlink console, it doesn’t updates anything.
Is there any steps/parameters i need to setup in order to detect my basestation on QGC.
As mentioned on docs " Start QGroundControl and attach the base RTK GPS via USB to the ground station. The device is recognized automatically". Is there anyway to figure out whether my base-station is connected to QGC or not.

Thank you.