QGC base station setup for RTK that is not Survey-In

I am trying to get a RTK Base station to connect and configure on QGround Control. I want to inject RTCM to a drone (connected with a radio link to QGC) to get an RTK GNSS position on the drone (acting as a rover). I found some setup steps regarding the topic but they don’t work for me as it is not a uBlox receiver acting as base station. It is a Septentrio receiver and the only info I can find is regarding the Survey-in. There is a mention uBlox only so I am thinking it is not yet supported for having non-uBlox brand base stations to be configured from QGC. I don’t want to switch to another GC software tool as I think this is (in theory) possible on Mission Planner but also with some complicated work for the setup. Can anyone help me figure this out or if it is not possible yet can anyone help me make the right calls to get this implemented in the software?