Reverse thrust not functional in UUV SITL - am I missing something?


I’m relatively new to the PX4 stack, so it’s likely I’m missing something quite obvious.

I’m trying to get reverse thrust to behave as expected for the SITL+Gazebo bluerov2 model. I have manual control functioning for yaw, pitch, roll, and fwd thrust, but I have no reverse thrust.

Short of following the chain of uORB messages through the PX4 stack with printfs() (it would be a good way to learn the stack, I guess…), I was hoping somebody here might be able to point me in the right direction. My reading of the vehicle sdf + gazebo_motor_model.cpp indicates there’s no limitations there, so I’m assuming the issue lies somewhere else in the PX4 stack.

Any thoughts on where I should focus my efforts? I should note that I’m sending MANUAL_CONTROL msgs either via QGC, or my own pymavlink client, so in the case of the latter, I’m quite confidant I’m sending the desired negative thrust values, but not getting the desired response.