Return information from module


I am new to drone programing and need help with some issues I have. I am using pixhack 2.8.4 and programing it through python 2.7.13 (dronekit).

  1. Sometimes when I write the command for the drone to change the flight mode or takeoff it seems like it just ignores the command, so I just looped the command until it did what i wanted. I was wondering if there is a way the module can send the return information like:“Yes, I received the command you sent me, just wait until I process it.”. That way the loop doesn’t send unnecesary unnecessary commands.

  2. I would want the drone to send me the start coordinates.

  3. If there is a way I can follow the drone coordinates actively while it’s flying and give the drone the next command as soon as it comes somewhere near the coordinates I wanted it to go to (I want to compare drone coordinates and the target coordinates).

I hope that the questions make sense, and someone can help me with the issues I have. Thanks!

Hi @Luka114,

I have no experiences with dronekit. But i would recommend you to use dronecode. They have nice examples and in this forum are developers of dronecode.

Example with arm procedure and changing flight modes:

Example for obtaining drone position:

If you still want to use dronekit try to write on dronekit forum. O try to run their examples:

Ok, I will check out dronecode and see what fits me better. Thank you very much!