Remove GPS on copter

Hi all,

Newbie here. I want to build cleaning copter. Somehow, near the building, the GPS signal weak. The pressure water really make the copter unstable and drifting. I try to fly at open area which make the GPS signal strong, copter can withstand the pressure and hover steady. I read about optical flow sensor, but it seem to have limited altitude.

My question is, what is your suggestion to increase the GPS signal or replace the GPS for my copter fly steady with water pressure?

Thank you.

You might want to consider an external vision system, such as intel T265, to provide the position and velocity data for your copter, or as an assistance system to improve accuracy when the GNSS signal is weak.

it is worth noting that vision systems are sensitive to light conditions and the quality of surrounding feature information. Therefore, it is impotent to exercise caution when you first attempt to use it with water :fire_engine:.