Reliable flight controller hardware

Hey guys, just wondering what your go to flight controller hardware is. We’ve been testing with a few different auto pilots now running PX4 and with mixed results. I am super keen on hearing your experiences. :slight_smile:

I use PX4Pilot FCs and QGround control. I use Ardupilot for Quads and PX4 for fixed Wing.

@Grantham_Kid, my experience is the other way around. PX4 for multirotors and APM for fixed wing. What kind of wing are you using to fly with the PX4 flight stack?

If u are asking about hardware, I run px4 on chinese boards, a pixhawk v1 and pixracer. pixhawk was about 50$ and pixracer 90$. I don’t really see any flight performance differences between them. You should make your choice considering what ports you need, the autopilot size you want, things like this