Reject auto land

I got this issue when i was setting flight mode. Does anyone know how to solve it? Please help me.

Most probably this Message was received from the Copter/Plane while already Landed / not flying. This is completely normal since those are messages from the Copter just telling you that I does not want to go to this mode of operation. This also happens for PosCtrl when not GPS Signal or Return to Land when not in the Air.

@Andreas_Hoffmann I really very much appreciate you’re taking the time to help users. That’s great and really important for the community. Thank you!

@hyman_chen Your system also doesn’t have GPS lock, so you can’t switch to any GPS-controlled flight mode.

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@LorenzMeier You are welcome. I think you are doing so many things, so I try to help a bit when I find the time. Once we were also talking about Documentation, and I’d like to pick this up soon.