Recommended ESC - UAVCAN or I2C

Hey all,

Does anyone have a recommended ESC (preferable 30A)?
Very high preference for UAVCAN connection OR I2C connection.

Use is for experimental precision control, and would highly prefer the ESC firmware to be open-source (if possible).
I would highly prefer the ESC’s Voltage, Current and RPM to be returned to the Pixhawk.


Ideally a 30A version of the Zubax Orel 20 ESC.

I’m not aware of a good option, but I’m also interested in this.

One current option is to use a Graupner Telemetry ESC. PX4 is able to read voltage, current, RPM through a serial connection to these.

You can also get access to RPM on Castle Creations ESCs through the AUX line.

@dagar, unfortunately the Graupner and the Castle ESCs are too big and bulky for the small vehicles. Have you used the Orel 20 ESC with the latest PX4 Sapog UAVCAN firmware?

No I haven’t used them yet, but I’d love to make the jump to CAN once they’re more widely available.