Realsense T265 and D435i

Is anyone working on integrating Realsense T265 tracking camera? I’ve seen it mentioned in the roadmap slide deck for 2019 but have not found anything else mentioning it. DITTO for D435i depth camera.

I have bought both as I am building quadcopter based on the DJI F450 frame and Holybro Pixhawk 4 so I am interested in a cooperation. I have not settled on the companion computer yer. Is there such a thing as “the most used companion computer”? Would Raspberry Pi 4 B be a good choice? What I mean by that is: is there anyone else using similar setup so that we can collaborate?

Hello, i have run PX4/Avoidance on Jetson TX2 as companion computer with D435i and it works well !!. BTW, I have never used T265 intrgrating on quadcopter (i also bought both like you did.)

There is a bridge to integrate the T265 with PX4

Thanks for the pointers (it will take me some time to go over them). In the meantime - is there anything without ROS, just using mavlink? I am not yet that familiar with ROS to let it in on my robots while deadlines are approaching ;-).

No, all the development is being done with ros