Reading raw serial data

I’m assuming there is a way to see raw serial data being fed into the autopilot via Telem_2 port but I haven’t found it in the forums.

We are working to integrate a GPS receiver using NMEA 0183 on Telem_2 but having issues and would like to view the raw data the autopilot is seeing in order to debug. Have tried uOrb listener, MAVlink inspector, accessing through /nsh, and printing to log files. No luck. What am I missing?

You could just use the GPS driver and then set the protocol to NMEA:

Otherwise, you need to write your own driver that reads from serial.

Hye Julian,

This is exactly what we intend to do. The autopilot has been setup to configure a secondary GPS on the Telem_2 port per the Configuring a Secondary GPS (Dual GPS System) instructions.

I want to read the raw serial data so we can confirm our hardware is delivering the data stream correctly.

Ive found the serial_test and serial_passthru system cmds. Seems like this is what I need. I can run serial_test but not serial_passthru. Will serial_test print out raw serial data?

For anyone who finds this in the future, use serial_test in nsh to read raw serial

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