Question on Multiple EV Sources


I’m working with some dev drones that are running an onboard VIO system to push visual odometry messages to px4. I’m trying to integrate mocap data in conjunction with the VIO estimates. I was wondering if the EKF2 can concurrently handle incoming VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE and ODOMETRY vehicle_visual_odometry messages when doing EV fusion.

Does anyone have experience using multiple sources of EV with px4?


So I implemented my mocap server to send VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE messages (#102) while my onboard VIO system was concurrently sending ODOMETRY messages (#331). Looking at the logs whenever I start sending the mocap data with the onboard VIO already running it caused the estimator to reset and stop using ev fusion for position, yaw, vel, etc…

Is this behavior expected? Is there no way to send two sources of EV position/odometry estimates to the EKF2 without causing it to reset?