QuadRanger support


It should be X. The name H frame is ill chosen. It would only apply for a frame layout like an H on it’s side.

See this image: http://discuss.ardupilot.org/uploads/default/original/2X/3/374631d1fc12eabbe7bbb8e97bd68628295f3163.jpg

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@sanderux (or others) what type of flight times are you getting with your ranger vtol? Curious to know how much efficiency is lost.



It has been quite some time since i flew the quadranger so i couldnt say for sure. There are most likely some logs floating around where you can check the wattage.

Generally no flying range/time is lost on a VTOL for the following reasons:

  1. The impact on the aerodynamics for quadplanes is very low (an estimated 5% generally)
  2. RC Airplanes have an MTOW which is based on the airplanes ability to takeoff and land on a given weight, the payload capacity is generally much higher during flight. A VTOL can therefor carry more payload as it has no such constraints. Although this is not actually adding to the efficiency it does increase the general range as the vehicle is capable of carrying a lot more battery weight.
  3. As a vtol also has no constraints on how quickly it needs to achieve a certain speed for takeoff it can be equipped with a much more efficient motor/prop/esc combo.

All the factors above make that, in general, a vtol can perform on par or even better when purely looking at range.


Hola He construido un quadranger, con una px4 y lo he configurado con qgroundcontrol. Pero no me funcionan los servos, el motor del avion, si arma en AUX 5.
Me puede ayudar alguien.