Qgroundcontrol Camera trigger with gamepad

I’m using Logitech F310 to control pixhawk through QGroundControl. Roll Pitch Yaw and Throttle are all ok, but I want to use button input to control on/off LED (High low 3.3 and 0V). So I tried using a modified camera trigger to do that. It worked fine with the camera trigger button test in QGC Camera tab. Then I tried assign buttons on the gamepad to “Trigger camera”, but nothing worked, the buttons did absolutely nothing. Arm/disarm and fly mode selection with gamepad buttons was ok though.

Is there anyway to use gamepad buttons as input for PX4 through QGC?

Are you using ArduPilot firmware. I think the joystick setup for trigger camera may use the new camera trigger commands which are not suipported by ArduPilot.