QGROUNDCONTROL App (Android) video stream issue


I have a Skydroid T10 RC using with Pixhawk plus Hawkeye 4k camera. Everything works fine, but I cannot stream video on QGROUNCONTROL App (Android).

I set on QGROUNCONTROL (H.265 for video stream) and wired the yellow cable to the side input of Skydroid receiver (rx pin only, not gnd).

Is that all right?

I am not receiving the image. The system is running with 5V (aux on the pixhawk) that is power over PDB with a 3S Lipo battery.

Camera link:



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I would ask the Skydroid people for support. Or did they give you any docs on how this would work?

Julian, I asked, but no reply …

Sorry to hear that. Sounds like Skydroid is not worth buying if they can’t even offer help or support.