Mod QGC to heading up? Mapbox Qt SDK?

I’m working on an application where QGC is used inside an aircraft (helicopter).

I’m investigating what it might take to modify QGC to make the map in flight view show the vehicle heading up instead of north up. For this to look right it I think it would require a switch away from pre-rendered map tiles to another drawing/mapping framework.

I’m looking at using Mapbox’s Qt SDK (Maps SDK for Qt | Mapbox) to do this, as it seems like a natural fit for the Qt implementation of QGC.

It does seem that there are some limitations with this approach, such as being forced to use MinGw to compile/build in Windows. Qt Location Mapbox GL Plugin | Qt Location 5.15.5 . But I suspect that the fast rendering and label overlays provided by this SDK will be quite useful.

I’m not sure how much of a ‘world of hurt’ I am about to get myself into by looking at changing the map underlay framework, as well as transforming the flight map canvas.

If anyone has been down this road before and can offer some ‘lessons learned’ I’d be much appreciative!