QGC's screen flickers

Hi there,

In my case, QGC’s screen is broken like these.

In that case, it comes to normal when scroll the screen.
This QGC’s version is v4.2.6. I tested version v4.2.0 and same result.

  • WIN10Pro and WIN11Pro - latest update
  • Intel graphic
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Hi imindude,
I have the same problem. Everything is good on Windows10 and broken screen on Windows11, exactly like on your photo. Tell me please is there any solution?

Latest version of QGC also has same problem. I don’t know why.
But, I was compiled the source code of QGC. And problem had gone.
In that case, MSBuild and Qt SDK are required as latest version.

I always compile the source code of QGC. And I compiled both old and latest versions, and both of them have this problem. But I do compile source code on Windows10 laptop, and then copy and open it on Windows11 laptop.
Tell me please, do you compile the source code on the same PC with Windows11 installed?


OS: win pro 11
Qt: 5.15.14
MSbuild: MSVC v143
WIN sdk: 10.0.20348.0

It’s my build environment. And any PC worked good.

Ok, your GCS release built on Windows11, thanks for the information!