QGC-PX4 link over Immarsat BGAN satellite(not iridium)

Hi all,

I’m trying to use immarsat BGAN satellite communication for PX4 telemetry.
Do you have any adivce on how to connect the vehicle and QGroundControl (v4.0.11,customized) over the satellite communication?

The communication unit on the vehicle has a global IP adress.
I’m trying to achive the communication like the image below.

I have tested that I can directly connect QGC and UART-Ethernet Converter, but I have no idea what to do next.

This question could be reworded as “How do you link a PX4 located on a server on the internet on QGC?”.

I would appreciate it if you would give me some advice. Thanks.


I implemented something like this for the Iridium link. You can find the implementation on this repo:

I am using MQTT to relay the messages between the SatComm Base and the QGC computer. However, it currently requires running additional scripts on the ground station computer.


Hi acfloria,

Thank you for sharing your project. Using MQTT sounds pretty good way to go.
I’ll read through the repo and figure out what we will need to implement on our GCS.

You probably could just use a pixhawk 5 which has Ethernet built in. Not tested but might make this much more simple.

Hi, we are also working on new SATCOM solutions and would like your inputs: New Iridium SATCOM System beySAT-LCC - Customer inputs required

@takhashi What Inmarsat UAV terminal have you used?