QGC Proposal

Hello QGC Team and my apologies in advance if i posted this on the wrong place.
I have not used much QGC but lately i using it more and more.
I resently stumbled upon during one of my flight on the fact that i was able to change flight mode from my QGC screen during flight. Even though i had my radio switch on loiter i was able to choose any of the flight modes from my ground station. Even though i find this very useful, i believe that atleast there should be a tick box next to the “used/programmed” flight modes and on the home screen you should be able to choose only between these and not Acro (exp).
I hope my request is posted at the proper area and makes sense, since it would make things alot safer.

Did you try to click on the field in the top bar where the flight mode is displayed? This should allow you to switch mode.