QGC on Android slows down during survey mission


I have a small problem using the latest Android Version of QGC on a Siyi MK15 controller. Everything works fine during manual flight. But as soon as I upload a survey waypoint route, the App gets slow after 4-6min of flight time, video stream gets choppy and gets worse over time.

I can fly manually for 30min or longer, witouth any problems in the app.

The system is a pixhawk orange cube with ardupilot 4.07.

I would appreciate any help.

Okay, we found the problem, when flying in survey and the camera takes pictures, it generates the little camera symbol on the map. It seems, when there are to many of them, it slows down on the MK15.

Is there a way to remove this, so it does not generate this symbol? Because it is something we donĀ“t really need.