QGC Map zoom level less on Android then PC

​QGC map zoom level is less then on PC version of QGC

Currently since google earth path type KML files that are not closed loop are not supported by QGC to be allowed to be imported as waypoint missions I found a time consuming work around that i came up with.

  1. Create polygon kml using google earth pro.

  2. Open Polygon KML within PC version of QGC as survey mission.

  3. precisely add waypoints manually tracing the imported polygon using add waypoint option. Note: which requires zooming way in as my parallel paths that are within feet of each other are so close and doing so on Android version of QGC would be impossible, also for some reason I had to right click more then once to move the map around when adding waypoints which was so annoying. so there is another bug for someone to address.

  4. Once all waypoints have been added, delete the survey mission leaving me with my most accurate waypoint mission I can get.