KML file format for QGC

Hello, I’m brand new to this forum, though I’ve been using QGC for a couple years to fly a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for the Seattle Aquarium’s research program - you can learn more about our work here on GitHub.

I’m trying to upload KML files to QGC. However, I’m not wanting to upload any sort of polygon, circular fence, or any more sophisticated type of mission profile. I’m simply trying to upload a KML file that contains a set of latitude/longitude coordinates that will populate and display in the map in QGC.

Note that we will NOT “formally fly” the mission plan autonomously – that’s a complex subject with ROVs that I’ll avoid for now. I’ll simply note that we want to be able to see the GPS coordinates in QGC’s map, and then we can fly the ROV manually along those track lines (we have an acoustic GPS and Doppler Velocity Log that will enable the necessary navigation).

I tried to upload a KML file into QGC as suggested here, though as visable in the attached screenshot, QGC isn’t happy, with the following error: KML file load failed. Unable to find Polygon node in KML. Upon searching this error message, I can see in the code what generated the message (linked here), but I don’t really understand it.

Can anyone assist me? Is there some way I can load a set of latitude/longitude coordinates into QGC via a KML or other type of file format without polygons? Or can I spoof QGC and trick it into thinking my coordinates are from a single “line” polygon?

I also see QGC will accept .plan, .mission, .waypoints, and .txt files. We have latitude/longitude data in .csv files that I can convert to whatever format is easiest for QGC to play with.

Thank you very much for your help!

** EDIT - I added a map of our real world ROV surveys to give you a sense of the type of coordinates we want to upload - essentially, our ROV “transects” are simply lines of lat/long coordinates. The attached figure is for x3 survey sites, where each site is comprised of x4 individual transects (the individual lines plotted).